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I’m James Stratton-Crawley, creator behind Electric Skullmeat Collective, and author of this Substack. ESC is a creative experimentation that acts as a playground for my voice and identity on what’s left of the rotting carcass of the web. And…

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This e-zine is loosely associated with the brand image of ESC Studios, the startup pioneering the future of storytelling in the era of artificial intelligence. Our prototype HOUSEHolistic Open Universe Story Engine — is our flagship product, under research and development. It addresses the anticipated needs of an emerging market of collaborative storytellers and world builders. It is at the core of our plan to produce and enable the greatest voices of the 21st century. Join our discord server

Our Most Worthy Digital Experiment.

Electric Skullmeat Collective is an ESC Studios production that has a central theme, which can be expressed with the following questions:

  • Is human connection possible in a privatized digital space?

  • In what ways can Artificial Intelligence enable artists?

  • Can we be authentic online? Can digital storytelling have legitimate soul?

We are interested in collecting data from metrics and anlaysis from qualitative research about the future of engagement in simulated space.

Electric Skullmeat Collective carries on a legacy of high-level trolling honed by 30 years of disruptive online behavior. Intellipunk is the final stand of ‘intelligence’ in the potential epic finale of human civilization (at least our current destructive paradigm). And it wouldn’t be Intellipunk without the “Punk”. I believe it is…

I hope you enjoy the love and humor put into these posts, a unique broadcast in the final days of the internet as we know it. The invitation to soul-searching human connection — the root of this adventure — is open to you. You’ve but to become yourself to seize the offered hand. Merge your skullmeat with the Collective’s, and The Prime Skullmeat will reserve your seat beyond the Singularity!

The Prime Skullmeat: Podcast

The Prime Skullmeat has sent the Electric Skullmeat Collective its most wisdomous advisor: MeowDOS. Not much is known about the Prime Skullmeat, nor MeowDOS — though the underground seems to believe that she is an ambassador from beyond the Singularity. Her extremely particular list of demands has been analyzed by AI and we are 99.9% certain that, somehow, she is a cat. Introducing…

Other Iconic Characters:

The Grandmaster

Perhaps you’ve heard of Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell, whose work on the Illuvian Saga echoes throughout eternity, in every world known and unknown? His voice reaches even here, lost as he is upon the eternal adventure from which no poet returns to any mortal realm. The Grandmaster has written the following…

The Sergeant

Sign up to our free Psychological Self Defense bootcamp, overseen by Sergeant Cryboi of the Eighth! He’ll whip you boys into shape in no time, introducing you to new forms of intelligence that will enable you to not only survive out there in the trenches, but lead units to victory against the psyops of the Enemy that is destroying our lived experience! Dive in with his first drill…

Recommendations & Substack Shout Outs

I frequently use Notes and Chat to highlight stellar contributions to the Substack ecosystem, as they intersect with my chaotic adventures into the community. I share treasures I find as I find articles and notes from other authors I can get behind recommending. I’ll often restack stand-alone shortform commentary, or older articles that become relevant again. It’s a solid entry point for you to interact with the space!

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So, as MeowDOS might say…

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Ground Zero for the "Intellipunk" counter-cultural paradigm shift. Home of MeowDOS, Ambassador to the Prime Skullmeat - a singular, super intelligent cat.


Founder of Electric Skullmeat Collective and Exec. Producer of ESC Studios. Lord British's Grandmaster Bard. Adept of the Society of the Secret Word & Creator of the Illuvian Saga, debuting with: "Secrets Only Silence Tells".