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'Be Mythical' Podcast Interviews Tyriel of Rune Secrets!

The Runes saved my life. That is why I had to write Questioning the Runes: Confronting Our Hidden Stories. I always wondered… what if what I knew could save someone else?

Hello! This is James Stratton-Crawley. You are likely more familiar with me as ‘Tyriel’, author of the Book of Rune Secrets. You haven’t heard from me in a while, I understand if you need to unsubscribe. But you should watch my interview with ‘Be Mythical’ first, a spiritual-oriented podcast network.

Do you still speak with the runes? Do they still answer your questions?

“The Book of Rune Secrets by Tyriel… is a mind-blowing, eye-opening, change-inducing gem of deep insight. The author has a humility and gentleness that makes reading it not just informative, but a relaxing pleasure.”
Angie Flanagan

You may have subscribed to this list as far back as 2008, The Rune Secrets Website first launched. Later you may have been a member of the vast Rune Secrets Study Community. Time and time again, I’ve tried to bring the runes to you, ad-free, honoring the sacred space and contemplative state of mind you are often in when seeking out my interpretation of the rune meanings.

Increasingly, publishers and companies are making it more expensive to reach an audience, so that only messages that align with selling and profit get through. It forces authors to align with a profit-first mentality. I refuse.

"The Book of Rune Secrets" is short, and to the point, as it should be. No manipulation into a cult-cattle mentality like some of the popular authors of rune books.” — Ryan Nelson

My new magnum opus was released in November 2022, entitled, Questioning the Runes: Confronting Our Hidden Stories. It is likely my final contribution to the publishing space on the subject, and I have poured two decades of focused, heart-felt soul searching into it, collaborating with my mother and mentor in the runes, as well as a couple of my closest readers, now turned friends. Those of you I’ve been able to connect with through this digital medium have always been like kindred spirits.

“The stories we tell ourselves affect us deeply, often subconsciously. Tyriel guides us into an understanding of the runes and their murkstaves that then guides us into ourselves and our relationships, helping us to see, understand, and where appropriate, re-write the stories that influence our development and our perception of others and the world. A solid 5-star work, worth every penny of it's price and then some.” — Andrew Amelang

Writing was a debt I had to pay to a universe that had opened itself to me. Now, I have created the book that would easily have saved me twenty years of suffering had I had it during the crisis in which I needed it most. And I am bringing the teachings to a wider audience who have never heard of the runes, and do not need to. I am creating productions that have nothing, and everything, to do with the runes.

The runes represent the fundamental mysteries of the universe, but they are not the only way to access them. We’ve done so with fables that echo from the times of myth. Every symbol leads into the mysteries, but I found the Elder Futhark runes the most magical. The Runes saved my life. That is why I had to write Questioning the Runes: Confronting Our Hidden Stories. I always wondered… what if what I knew could save someone else?

“How refreshing it is to have a book that is a comprehensive reference to understanding these symbols. It is a tome of knowledge that you'll be returning to again and again for more insights.” — Katie Cook

I have a plan to keep in touch, with those who want to continue deeper into the runes, and follow my productions as they unfold in writing, music, movies and games. My new publication is “Electric Skullmeat Collective”, a counter-cultural retro E-zine to spearhead ESC Studios, a revolutionary new type of media initiative that will champion all the virtues and values you know me for, to bring every aspect that we have learned in our search to a global audience.

I invite you on this journey with me, as my oldest readers. I have created a special section for Rune Secrets at ESC, and will be using it to discuss and explore Questioning the Runes and the revolutionary changes it can bring into all of our lives, using the runes. It is the beating heart, the soul of the project, and I hope to see you there.

Your aging friend,


P. S. If this email has been received in error, I apologize. I tried my best to curate and maintain this list so that it was different than the random spam lists out there. I have never, and will never share your email with others. Unsubscribing is a click away.

Electric Skullmeat Collective
Rune Secrets
Tyriel discusses his magnum opus "Questioning the Runes: Confronting Our Hidden Stories", in the next iteration of the Rune Secrets Study Community.
James Stratton-Crawley