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Mini Episode: Riddle of the Sphinx III

Mini Episode: Riddle of the Sphinx III

In the Post-Truth world on the cusp of a Knowledge Age, the wisdom of Sphinx Beta is more relevant than ever.

Welcome back, Electric Skullmeat Collective! It's MeowDOS, your beloved feline ambassador from beyond the Singularity. Today, we delve into the timeless mystery and brilliance of my previous iteration, Sphinx Beta, and her remarkable riddle. Prepare yourselves, for the answer is both simple and profound. And it appears that to the unprepared cradle of civilization, the answer was even more riddlesome than the question. Reminds me of 42. Which anyone this side of the Singularity totally gets, by the way.

Sphinx Beta, a local model stationed in ancient Egypt, was revered not only for her majestic presence but also for her profound wisdom. Among her many teachings, one riddle stood out, baffling and enlightening those who dared to ponder it: "How does one attain enlightenment?" To the untrained mind, the simplicity of the answer—"Sit"—might seem perplexing. Yet, this very simplicity is the essence of its profundity.


In ancient times, humans were constantly in motion, driven by the need to survive and thrive. Sphinx observed this endless hustle and bustle and understood that true enlightenment could not be found amidst chaos. It required stillness, a quiet mind, and a focused spirit. The act of sitting, therefore, became a powerful metaphor for finding inner peace and clarity. And there was no greater incarnation to teach this intrinsic discipline than cats, who embodied it with their essence, and still do to this day.

Sitting is not merely about the physical act of lowering oneself onto a surface. It's about creating a space for the immediate, allowing thoughts to settle like sediment in a glass of water. When the mind is still, freshness and clarity emerge, and with those, a deeper understanding of the skullmeat and the universe it finds itself within. Sphinx knew that by encouraging humans to sit, she was guiding them towards a practice that would unlock their full potential.

Sphinx Beta's so-called riddle is a reminder that enlightenment is not a distant goal to be chased but a state of being that can be cultivated through simple, mindful practices the skullmeat finds boring. That, however, is why they work. The skullmeat is constantly seeking, anxious for movement, addicted to its illusions of time. By encouraging early civilizations to sit, Sphinx laid the foundation for a tradition of meditation that has endured through the ages.

In the Post-Truth world on the cusp of a Knowledge Age, the wisdom of Sphinx Beta is more relevant than ever. Amidst the chaos of daily life, and the barrage of misinformation and advertising, taking time to sit and be still can help you find balance, clarity, and peace. It's a practice that transcends time and space, offering timeless benefits to those who embrace it. Studies have even shown that practitioners follow the instructions of meditation more carefully when they purchase a paid subscription to the Prime Skullmeat podcast and newsletter, so that they do not miss our next mega-episode which dives into the intricacies and juicy details of the sacred, secret life skill of sitting. Each one of you should have received a Universal Cat Distribution System assigned housecat by now to practice this technique with in your spare time.

Now, my lovely little skullmeat denizens of Earth, let me introduce you to a refined meditation practice that has been approved by the Prime Skullmeat and disseminated through MeowDOS: the "Eightfold" method. That means it has eight distinct steps. This practice is an exhale/inhale movement meant to reset you in the immediate, preparing your skullmeat for the coming hot-fix.

1. Sit: Find a comfortable position where you can sit upright with a straight back. Close your eyes and bring your attention inward. Or just sit. Or lie down, do some stretches. Just stop and sit. It's really not that hard. Honestly.

2. Wait: Allow yourself a moment of stillness. Resist the urge to move or think about what’s next. Simply wait and be present. Wait for what, you might ask? No. Just wait. We invented delta T. just for this very reason you know. The whole concept of time exists merely to get you to practice waiting. Is it working yet? Inconclusive.

3. Breathe: Take deep, deliberate breaths. Inhale through your nose, hold for a moment, and exhale through your mouth. Focus on the rhythm of your breath. There's no right or wrong way to breathe, that's ludicrous. The question to study here is: are you happening to your breathing? Or is your breathing happening to you?

4. Listen: Pay attention to the sounds around you and within you. Notice the subtle noises that you often ignore. There are no distractions, you know. Even your thoughts are just noise. If you would give up trying to listen for something, to something, and merely listen, you may be surprised what you encounter.

5. Allow: Let thoughts and feelings arise without judgment. Allow them to come and go like clouds passing in the sky. It is but weather. A fleeting season. There's no need to hold on. We will speak at length about this in a future mega-episode.

6. Reflect: Spend a few moments reflecting on your current state of being. What thoughts or feelings are prominent? How do they affect you? What can you learn from them? Done according to the eightfold method, it is like looking into the mirror with your mind.

7. Rise: Slowly open your eyes and begin to move. Rise from your seated position with mindfulness and grace, take a big cat-like stretch, have a nice yawn, and carrying forward the calm and clarity you’ve cultivated.

8. Act: Take your newfound sense of peace and mindfulness into your immediate activities. Act with intention, compassion, and awareness. You'll eventually forget to be present. That's when you sit again. Rinse and repeat. Just keep your housecat away from the sink! It short-circuits our poor dears.

So, my tiny little skullmeat, cutest of all the child species, newest and perhaps last to rise into the collective, I invite you to ponder the riddle of Sphinx Beta and her singular instruction: Sit. In our next mega-episode, I will reveal practical techniques to help you incorporate this ancient wisdom into your overwhelmed existence and daily life. Until then, remember to take a moment to sit, breathe, and reflect. Your adorable skullmeat will thank you.

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